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Influenced by art since childhood, Bruno is an architect by training and a carpenter by passion.

He was born and raised in Ceará, but took root everywhere he went. Whether in Fortaleza, his homeland, in Alta Floresta or Juazeiro do Norte, the native of Ceará worked with projects of different scales, contributing to the architecture of the cities he passed through.

After years of reaping the fruits of this work, Bruno decided to start again and plant a sleeping seed: artisanal carpentry.

With the support of his wife and two children, he moved to São Paulo and began to explore every detail of the stone jungle.

Obstinate, he observed and absorbed everything he could about the subject until, at the MADE fair, he met Julia Krantz. Julia introduced Bruno to traditional joinery techniques and also his great reference: Morito Ebine.

Graduated in carpentry in Japan and recognized among the 25 best carpenters in the world, Morito was Bruno's main master.

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