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Manu Reyes has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from FAAP.

After graduation, he did an internship in Italy with the Architect and Designer Riccardo Blumer, and another in Mexico at the multinational company Whirlpool in the Industrial Design area. After these work experiences, Manu felt the need to expand his knowledge in the furniture industry.

He started his first woodworking course in 2011, and since then, he hasn't stopped. After 7 years working in different schools of this trade, Manu Reyes decided to open his own production studio.

In his studio, he prioritizes the use of solid wood and traditional and artisanal construction techniques, such as fittings, pegs and spikes: essential concepts and requirements to offer furniture with

quality and durability.

“Working with wood is always a surprise. It's a material with a lot of personality. It has its own life and identity.”

Although wood is the protagonist in his work, Manu also uses other materials in his creations. His line is expressive and creative, and generally formed by geometric figures, with functional pieces and original aesthetics.

“My creations are based on my life experiences and are a reflection of my emotions”.

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