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Dimitrih Correa is a designer and craftsman. Graduated from UFRJ in industrial design with specialization at the Dublin Institute of Technology, he works from the conceptualization and design of the product to its production and execution.

The passion for manual making comes from the cradle, literally. His own cradle was built by his father, who as a hobby in the 80s/90s mined demolition wood, such as riga pine.

Upon entering college, he is introduced to the universe of design, but it is at the ethos workshop, helping Rodrigo Calixto and Guilherme Sass, that he begins to unveil the world of wood, in order to responsibly build products for a more sustainable world.

Since then, he has won first place in the Salão Design Award as a student, was a finalist in the Brazilian Object Award, Tok Stok University Design Award and recently won an honorable mention with the Wé lamp at the Museu da Casa Brasileira Design Award. In addition to participating in several exhibitions in Rio, São Paulo and Milan.

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