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Founding partner of RUA 141, graduated from FAU-Mackenzie, with an MBA from FGV, Mona Singal has been working in the architecture market since 2010, working in several areas - residential, corporate, urbanism, landscaping and interiors. Its office, Rua 141, adopts the One-for-One business model, where for each contracted project, it contributes to the development of another in needy communities.

The office also has a design area, where pieces of furniture and lighting are developed, which are reflections of the architecture designed by RUA 141, exploring textures and natural characteristics of materials, strongly inspired by Brazilian design.

The architect's mission is to use design as a tool for transformation and, following the purpose of her office, part of the value of each product sold is destined for the NGO Arrastão, which develops training, education and culture projects for young people in needy communities , in Sao Paulo.

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