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Paula Linard, textile artist (embroiderer), had her first contact with embroidery in a cross stitch workshop in 2015 where she fell in love with the technique.

Researching on the subject, he discovered a manual arts course at FAAP, where he learned some techniques of "making by hand", using embroidery as his main source of artistic expression.

Paula likes to work experimenting with embroidery and its textures in different materials such as cotton, silk, linen, tulle, jeans and even leather discarded by the industry because it contains small defects and, which fascinates the artist because of the possibility of revitalizing with art, something that would be unusable .

Her inspirations come from an imaginary universe (but not always), strongly feminine and with many

botanical references.

Try to bring the subjectivity of a wild nature that inhabits all of us in some way to the pieces

authorship it creates.

Transforming thoughts and emotions into embroidered designs and
mixing these inspirations with his real world, he creates psychological landscapes and frames them in frames.

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