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Banco Sahy is a happy meeting of design with traditional woodworking and sustainability techniques.

It is made with rare solid wood from crosspieces used in old lamp posts.

The piece uses 98% of the wood and provides an intelligent destination with a positive environmental impact for exceptional raw materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Materials: 100% produced with the reuse of Ipê, Pau-Brasil, Eucalyptus and Cabreúva solid woods.

Dimensions: 140 cm (width) x 41 cm (depth) x 45 cm (height).

It can be done in other measures/on request.

Available for prompt delivery.

Single Piece (can be reproduced but always with unique woods).

For use in Outdoor and Indoor environments.

Cleaning with a dry chemical-free cloth.

Sahy Bank

  • Produzido 100% com reaproveitamento de madeiras maciças Ipê, Pau-Brasil, Eucalipto e Cabreúva.

    * peça única (pode ser reproduzida mas sempre com madeiras únicas).

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